Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ingrid who is Flora

It might be obvious that I am enamored with the new DROPS Flora yarn... After the kitty-cat hat I just had to knit a full sweater, and since I had my eye on the Ingrid sweater for a long time, it was a great opportunity to pair up the two. I was so excited to start that uncharacteristically I did not do a gauge swatch. I know, I know, it was a big chance to take, and I did had to tweak things here and there, but in general it did work out.
The pattern is lovely and well written... at least until the patterning on the shoulder, because afterwards I just went after my own head, especially adding more stitches at the raglan, to accomondate my thicker than average arms. 
At the sleeves I added a red adging, somewhat wider than the designer did on the sweater she knitted for herself.
 I knitted the sweater longer than the pattern, almost tunic length, and reapeated the narrow pattern and the red edging at the waist line,
 After all I am still in love with the yarn, I will definetly use it more in the future, and pretty much like the pattern, so I think I am satisfied.
Yarn: Drops Flora - the whole sweater weighs 325 gramm (total)
Pattern: Ingrid by Isabell Kraemer
Needles: Knit Pro Zing circulars and Addi Kolibri DPNs for the sleeves:
2.5 mm for the ribbing, 3 mm for the stockinett and 3.5 for the patterning.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Flora the restless

Who just won't leave me alone..

Monday, December 5, 2016


The feeling, when you go to the first official teacher/parent meeting in you son's new shcool, and introduce yourself to the said teacher, and he looks up a huge smile lits up his face and proceeds to tell you how great/intelligent/smart your kid is.... for everything else, there is mastercard.

Ps.: If I would be a real lady and sportsmanlike and all that, I would leave it that. But I am not, so I have to add: it is especially so, because of what he (and with him I) suffered through elementary shcool... So FUCKYOUKOLPING and your idiotic teachers. Of course even there were a couple of exceptions, and for those we both greatful,

Adding to this the evening spent in the irish folk dancing club, and a homebaked cookie that was gone until the last crumb, in fact people were sharing the last pieces (no picture, so you have to believe me)...

And the fact that my box managed to fix the laptop of my friend, who in exchange helped him to pic up his room.... I think I summarize this day as a really good one.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Good and bad

The bad thing is that we managed to catch the virus that requires bowls and runs to the restroom, while even turning in the bad seems impossible, much less getting out...
Also bad that in a relatively short time its the second time I had to cancel weaving dates, but I just could not leave Chris alone, while he has regular meetings with above said bowl...

The good thing is this.

Friday, December 2, 2016

I would say

...kill me if I ever start another sweater from fingering weight yarn, but this did not worked before either.
Not to mention the fact that I just ordered about a kilo of Flora yarn.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I promised in an earlier post that I will show my weaving, slowly oe by one... so here comes the net installment :-)
In the spring, when I had my second time in Judith's workshop I thought I will have time to spin my own yarn to weave with, but I way underestimated how much time I would need to catch up with the stuff I needed to put aside because of finishing teh university and the final exams (the truth to be told, I am still haven't managed it).
However, I didn't want to cancell my date at the workshop, so when I saw that finishing  spinning my own yarn in time sis rather hopeless I resigned myself to using factory made yarn, but my own handdyed one at least.  
I went after a bit of eastern, bohemien color shceme, thus I dyed somme purple, pink and turqoise wild silk yars to weave in stripes as a weft in a olivegreen warp. 
The weaving was done in the workshop of Judit Luk√°cs, and the photoes were also shot by Judit herself. I am always greatful for her help and the time I can spend there. 
P.S.: if someone notices the similarity between the color I am wearing and the colors I am weaving with... I would say it is coincidental, but probably it is not.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Breaking up

Yesterday I was in the store formerly known as Barka. I went with big momentum, I wanted to buy a bunch of yarn, but there was none from the colors I needed... I was really down, but I fell in love with a color combination, and somehow a sweater worth climbed into my basket... Only at home I started to think what exactly I should knit with it...
Of course once again a discussion ensued about how much I am addicted to yarn (very much so) and how muc does it bother me (very little)... and I closed the exchange with one sentence...

Once I broke up with a man, who (beside bringing me yellow flowers and dark chocolate) asked me if I really needed all this yarn...