Tuesday, October 18, 2016

weaving... something mystical...

As I mentioned before there are things, even crafty things that for some reason does not make to the blog... and that is not becaus they are not "blogworthy" (to use the expression the Yarn Harlot used), because they are. Sometimes more than that. However life is just constant rushing and I am still playing catch up...
One such a thing is weaving. Knitting and crocheting are things I always had in my life. My mom knitted, my (paternal) grandmother knitted and crocheted, it would have been really difficult to avoid their influence in my life. I grew up with it, it was natural that I learned them early, and kept doing it. Spinning however drawn me in like an invisible magical force, however I tried, I could not resist the siren song of fibers twisted into thread.
I felt similar draft toward weaving, all my life. There is some reason, that keeps me at an arm's distance, like I had to wait many many years to get to actually weaving my first shawl.
Then more years to get back to the looms...
I did not know Judit personall, only from Facebook, weavers and yarnistas are somehow drawn to the same circles, and without ever meeting me personally from two comments she realized I am in a deep trouble. She offered me help, without asking anything in return, and I am certain, that her help did turn my life around. I knew she weaves, I've seen her looms, and I wanted to go and work in her place, hoewer I knew that I want to do it with a clean soul. I did not wanted, but I knew I needed to wait, until I am prepared emotionally and physically... meaning that (as the fox in The Little Prince say: dress up my soul, prepare my heart) I can't do it hurriedly, fitting into two deadline and an exam.
Physically also meant that I wanted to take my own yarn, the one that I dyed the fiber for and spun... the process being part of getting my sould ready...
When I finished the university this January, a garduation present to me was finally getting to spend a day at Judit's workshop (and a few since)... Hopefully slowly I can show you what I was up to there...

This was the first...
The yarn I spun from 100 grams of BFL and silk
To which we added some alpaca and silk I had in my stash (also handspun by me,
 And the finished scarf before the final fixing of the fringes and washing.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekly spinning

A week or so ago I had a discussion with someone about "original" ideas... Is there such a thing still exist in the fiber arts? Its been four years ago, when I dyed some fiber (alpaca) with a long changing colorways (of ranbow), spun the yarn and the wove it into a stole. The whole story is here. No I did not invent long colorchange yarns. I am sure I wasn't the first to dye fiber and spun yarn this way. I don't know if I were thr first one weave these yarns into one fabric, gradiently changing colors... but I certainly didn't see it elsewhere before...
Long, gradiently changing color yarns, kints, fabrics still fascinate me, and here is just one addition to that fascination. I dyed the yarn in late spring and finally got around to spin it.

I wanted to experiment with weaving with single ply yarns, as I am wondering how it affects the resulting fabric, will it be biased? Will it be softer?  will it be...? 
So this is (uncaracteristically for me) is single ply, chubut merino. Chubut is a province in South Argentina. It seems I am drawn to this area, as my favorite fibers to spin are the falkland and the south-american, and now this chubut).

1000 gramms and 1200 meters.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Before it dissapears into the dim field of forgetting...

Well, this sounds somewhat better in Hungarian... but what the heck.

Sometimes there are some things I think would be worth posting, but I don't get around to it right away, then it is to late, the moment is passed, it no longer has any relevance, etc...

So, before it gets to that point I just have to make a note of the yarn festival of last weekend... Kacskaringó. I have my own reserves about it, however I was still going...
It wasn't easy to prepare, as a major whining phase of I can't get out and do anything hit me, and I would have gone with whatever was left after the summer craft fair, if my friend Tilda would not come over and literally drag me out of my rom, and push me into the kitchen to between the dyepots.
So I we managed to come up with some new colorways and new variations of the old ones. Like these...

I also almost had to resign myself dragging about four gigantig bag full of stuff through the city on the public transport, if rescue would not comefrom the most unexpected place, at the last minute. Thanks Timea.
So we were there, set up shop, and had fun, while spinning for two days, talking to friends.
On the way we've been rescued from public transport again, this time by another friend.
So that is it. Even if financially it was not a blowout success, I enjoyed it, found some new friends and seen some old ones I really missed, and once again I learned a ton... about myself, others, friendships, helping and the likes.
The day of wool is coming up fast, and I can't wait as it is really the love of my heart as I was there even at the minus first one... so ..so.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Childhood memory

I often wonder if I should keep this blog for mostly knitting and crafting stuff... Or should I wonder away into other things...which might even increase the number of posts.
Like reading post on Facebook that brought up... no, it did not brought up memories, because The Little Prince is always in my mind, I learned it so early in my life that is rather ingrained.... but reading that post about a city putting up a statue of a cartoon caracter kicked me enough to pause and look for an actual picture online of the statue of the pince and the fox, that is set up in the garden of a shcool in the city I grew up. I often walked by  it, even if it was a slight detour... and I often whished I'd gone to that elemengtary shcool just to see it more often...

Then, as I was looking for the picture I found a rather interesting article here ...about how this is teh only Little Prince statue in this country... maybe even in the world? How in the socialist regime it could not be called "The Little Prince and the Fox" but  "The boy and the fox" or even the "Foxing boy", and how even though the sculpture was put up in the seventies, there is no evidence exactly in which year... and how this was an early example of a statue that is life sized for one and second set in a park, in a way not disrupting it, but being an organic part of it... people (children) can sit down on the rocks, or get close to the fox, or the boy.
The next time I am in that city I will make sure to go and see it again.

Monday, September 12, 2016


For who knows how long I wanted a drum carder... Not as much for art batts, but because I love slightly rustic heathery, tweedy yarns, and those are the easiest to do from carded batts. Much like this . For ever so long I borrowed a friend's carder, but I knew that I sooner or later I need my own...
And the time came this spring when sufficien amount of 200 HUF coins collected in the jar :-)  (oh, THAT jar... there might be a separate post coming about it :-)
Having money for fancy thing, like a drumcarder means that I work, I work a LOT these days (no, this is not a complaint, for I love my work these days), but having that much work means that my crafting time is drasticly decreased. I try to swimm with the flood, and work hard to find a balance... but that still needs works. But I am working on it and the result of this work are days like this last Saturday...
Which I set out for... fun, I guess. There was a big organic market event, where the girls and guys of Mare Temporis were playing (oh there is another story to tell), and my friend Tilda (yes, she is the one who is braiding my hair when I have a wooly-hair fit) wanted to try out carding... So we combined the two. Started the day with looking at fabrics, then looking around at the organic market, watching the Temporists and then coming home and took some "travelknitting" pictures (now there is one another thing to write about- the travelknitting picture-story not these pics)

 taking out the carder and have a go with it...
Here is Tilda, with the carder, and below her first tries... she likes crazy bright colors, but the wool she had limited, even though I tried to help out with whatever addition, some bits of extra color, shiny firestar, and whatnot.
Finally managed to try the silk cocoon "waste" another friend brought back from turkey (amazing stuff), and added it to some red and orange fibers. 
And here is her haul for the day...
Then, since the carder was out and I had some red fibers put away for a project, we attacked that, and the end result is a really big pile of batts.

That is carded from six different shades of red, and a purple, giving it a real nice depth, enough for a sweater and then some, hopefully spun by new years, so I can knit the good luck sweater with this. 
Finally there came a weaving friend of mine, who wove a shawl from one of my "everything, but the kitchen sink" type of old yarns (it was carded from handdyed alpaca, merino, angora, silk, and shiny angelina)... so she is having a lavander phase, and I carded this for her...

Now, I only need to find the time to spin, all that :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to make 410 meters of rainbow?

Its easy :-)
Take a braid of about 100 gramms of handdyed merino top.
 Half it and spin half of it to a nice single..
 Then sipin the other half in the same color direction...
Then ply it...
Then skein it...
And voil√°, there it is... some happiness at the beginning of fall...
410 meters, 2 ply.
Mernio, handdyed...by me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Offcial announcement

As many of you asked, and as I promised, after a long, long time I started to update the pages where you can see what is available to buy.

For now I've uploaded a few of the more pastell wools, but I am working on the rest too.

So slowly, carefully, but surely... you can browse.